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Therapeutic and spice garden

About the garden

At Maacraft we strongly believe in sustainability and do everything to grow all of our materials and ingredients locally. Besides being a treasure trove and a source of our products, the garden has another function, therapy. While growing and cultivating plants, the youngsters are developing their skills with physical stimuli.

All spices, herbs and teas are coming from our garden and grown, dried, and processed by our autistic employees. We would like to make this process even more efficient and professional, so we invited the highly talented architecture team, Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop to design a rustic and minimalistic dryer and meditation room for the therapy garden.

Beside edibles, the garden gives us materials as well, such as branches and bast for our hand woven products. We believe in the healing, relaxing power and environmental consciousness of gardening and encourage everyone to start a garden, even if only a window sill is available.

The healing power of plants

The therapy garden is the part of the unique program of the foundation which focuses on the sensory stimulus processing of people living with autism. The spiral shape of the beds and the objects in them are shaped by the tools of contemporary landscaping and design. MAACRAFT is aiming to create an autism friendly environment where everything is about the comfort of people who are suffering from severe behavioral disorders by the stimulating effects of plants.
Each plant bedding has effects on different senses and they alleviate issues arising from stereotypical patterns of their behavior. At a healing sessions the therapist takes young people to each plant bedding where the environment stimulates a certain sense to help relax their minds.
Going through the process of sensitizing is just one way to use garden and we do not intend to limit its applications. Being outdoors, fresh air and the spiritus loci also provide comfort and give a pleasant experience to anyone